April 26, 2012

Chip Kelly Spring Game notes

Eugene - Following the last spring practice of 2012, Chip Kelly met with the assembled media for a final Q&A session before the annual Spring Game. Duck Sports Authority was on hand to take a few notes and quotes.

Chip Kelly on team readiness for the game

"I think they're excited that they get to play each other in front of a great crowd, the officials, the whole nine yards. We treat it just like it's a game so we'll do the same pre-game warm-up that we normally do. Guys on the field, centers, kicks, all those things.

"The last two years we've had unbelievable crowds. Hopefully we can get something that's close to the last two years."

On team pre-game demeanor

"They get excited about it, the fact that they're competing with each other. It's the last chance they'll get to compete from a football standpoint until we get back for fall camp. The rest of it is workouts over the summer and things on their own but it's a little bit different atmosphere."

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