December 30, 2009

Ducks taking a look at Hemschoot

The Ducks have a long history of finding players that weren't highly rated going into their senior year, and turning them into stars. They're talking to one more play that fits that bill in Colorado right now.

Big hitting linebacker Joe Hemschoot is 6' 1", 210lbs and from Lakewood, CO. And right now he's drawing all kinds of attention after former Duck John Bacon put together a recruiting video for him and sent it out.

"I was doing some business out here and visited my old high school and saw this kid. It really took me aback,' said Bacon. 'Lakewood doesn't usually have a lot of D1recfruits so they're not always sending stuff out. I thought I could help him and maybe show him some things I learned at Oregon and he really took to it all. He's the most coachable kid I've ever been around. He's got exceptional mobility everywhere on the playing field. And because he moves so well and so quickly in any direction, that really makes him a valuable anywhere on the field. He just does everything great. Anything he doesn't do well, you tell him once, and then he does it the way you want him to, for good," said Bacon.

Some of that may come from the fact that he's also the starting quarterback at Lakewood. "He's got a great football mind,' said Bacon, 'and he can do things on the field that not a lot of high school players can do and some college players as well. He wasn't getting any attention so I talked to him and his parents and I just kind of said, 'I'm taking over here. Let's get this going. So I made that film and everyone we've sent it to has called. I guess you'd say his play speaks for itself. I feel good that I've been able to help him." Hemschoot recorded 141 tackles in 10 games on defense and put up 2,136 yards and 18 touchdowns on offense.

The four main schools recruiting him are Oregon, USC, Colorado and Stanford. He'll visit USC on the 15th of January, Oregon on the 22nd and Colorado in the month of January as well. "Those three are set in stone," noted Bacon, "He's also working on setting up a visit with Stanford in the next few weeks as well. I don't think that one is set up yet, but he's interested in them, and they like him too."

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