December 27, 2007

From the Film Room: Mater Dei vs. Servite

In this edition of From the Film Room, recruiting analyst Barry Every breaks down the game film from the Mater Dei-Servite game from this season that featured some of California's top prospects.

While the game ended up being lopsided on the scoreboard and resulted in a 38-13 decision in favor of Mater Dei, there were plenty of impressive plays from top prospects on both teams. Could a move in the rankings be in store for any of them?

From the Film Room: Mater Dei vs. Servite

Matt Kalil, 6-7, 281, OT, Servite

Class of 2008, Committed to USC | Kalil highlights

What was impressive about him in the game: The fact that he is so big, and can really move and he uses his hands exceptionally well.

Areas for improvement: Needs to be a little more flexible in the knees, I can see a much shorter, powerful defender giving him a hard time.

Conclusion: This kid has all the skills, ideal size and nastiness to be another great offensive lineman for USC.

Ranking status: Currently a five-star with a 6.1 numerical rating and No. 1 at his position. I have seen nothing to change this based on the game evaluated.

D.J. Shoemate, 6-0, 219, ATH, Servite

Class of 2008, Committed to USC | Shoemate highlights

What was impressive about him in the game: He is truly back from his knee injury. This kid carried the ball numerous times, took a beating from the Mater Dei defense and just kept getting up and doing it all over.

Areas for improvement: I would like to see him work on his change of direction and lateral movement. He is a little stiff and reminds me of current New York Jets receiver Laveranues Coles.

Conclusion: He is not a running back, but his team is just trying to get the ball into his hands. I feel he will be a safety at USC with good ball skills, and he will hit you like a ton of bricks.

Ranking status: Currently a five-star with a 6.1 rating, if he were being ranked as a running back prospect, he would have to suffer a drop in the rankings. But I have seen other games and clips and was not joking about the similarities to Laveranues Coles.

Matt Barkley, 6-4, 222, QB, Mater Dei

Class of 2009 | Barkley highlights

What was impressive about him in the game: His throw from the end zone on third and 11. He was being dragged to the ground and still threw the ball 40 yards through the air and the play ended up being a 97-yard touchdown. This play broke the game wide open when the score was 14-13.

Areas for improvement: Like most gifted quarterbacks, he has a tendency to think he can thread the needle at anytime. This line of thinking leads to balls being thrown into heavy coverage.

Conclusion: He has all the tools and can make throws from all angles. Until someone can prove they are a better quarterback prospect, Barkley will likely remain ranked No. 1 at the position.

Ranking status: He has come out as the top ranked junior in the country. It is very early in the 2009 ranking process, so I can't stand on the table and guarantee he will remain here. But I think it is safe to say he should never fall any lower than the top 10.

Khaled Holmes, 6-4, 301, OL, Mater Dei

Class of 2008, Committed to USC | Holmes highlights

What was impressive about him in the game: This guy is extremely athletic and physical. When Mater Dei needed help stopping the run, they brought this jumbo athlete in and he did his part to stop the Servite running game.

Areas for improvement: This kid is really good football player. My only suggestion would be for him not to be any heavier than he is, in other words, don't let your body weight become a problem.

Conclusion: I've seen him twice and he has impressed me both times. Heck, at some schools this kid could play defensive tackle. It is hard to believe that one school got his commitment and Kalil's commitment.

Ranking status: Currently a fout-star with a 5.9 rating and ranked 5th at his position, and I have seen nothing to lower this based on this game. If anything, there should be some thought given to him moving up to fourth or even third at his position.

Barry Every is a Football Recruiting Analyst for He comes to after working in recruiting offices for Mark Richt at the University of Georgia, Bobby Bowden at Florida State University and Mack Brown at the University of North Carolina. He can be reached at

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