August 14, 2009

Change in plans for White

The Oregon Ducks are in the middle of fall camp, and one observer at many of those practices has been Sheldon's Curtis White. Duck Sports Authority caught up with the Rivals four-star tight end and found out about a change in his plans. Read on for the latest in this summer chat session with the Oregon commit.

DSA: Curtis, I've seen you at almost all the Oregon practices this fall. What are your observations from those?

CW: I'm seeing a very well conditioned team. I'm seeing a very high paced practice going on. They are definitely different from coach Bellotti's. I wouldn't say that they are better yet. We haven't seen results on the field but I'm definitely seeing a change of pace and that's exciting.

DSA: Having been to so many practice under Coach Bellotti, how would you compare what you see now to when he was head man?

CW: The players seem to be getting after it a little bit harder. When you hear the horn go you see guys running. It used to be a little trot, now guys are moving and if they don't you get Coach Kelly getting after them and yelling at them. I think that's the biggest change.

DSA: Anything else you have noticed?

CW: The offense versus defense drills. You know, when they play for the black jerseys? Those are definitely fun to watch.

DSA: Yeah you used to have to wait for that type of intensity in scrimmages. They're getting it more often now. My working hypothesis about what I'm seeing this fall and saw this fall is that these practices are kind of a reflection of Chip Kelly's personality. Would you agree with that?

CW: I agree, actually, 100%. That is exactly right. He is a person and it is reflecting in the team. I think it is a good thing.

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