DSA talks spring on 95.5 The Game

For the Oregon Ducks, spring drills are in full swing and pass the halfway point during Wednesday's scrimmage. Portland's sports flagship radio station 95.5 The Game caught up with Duck Sports Authority for an update on the first half of 2011 Oregon spring camp.
Chad Doing, 95.5 The Game: Spring camp is going on right now. How do the Ducks look tempo-wise, getting to the line, getting set in the offense and running their plays with Chip's pace?
A.J. Jacobson, Duck Sports Authority: I'm sure as you know Chad, Chip can run an absolutely incredible pace at practice. I think he probably leads the nation in plays-per-session when they have a 7-on-7 or team. This spring is absolutely no exception. I think the one difference this spring is that when you look at efficiency and trying to run a camp and whatnot, not only is Chip getting his own guys and his players doing things fast, but everyone that is setting up the drills, they are moving fast too. So it's everyone around the program, not just Chip and his players and his coaches, he's got a 200-person well-oiled machine when you put it all together it seems like out there.
The Game: Of all the young players in camp, which one has impressed you the most?
DSA: Of the young ones, I'll just talk about the new ones Chad. We had Colt Lyerla, who is a tight end came in from Hillsboro, is looking fantastic. True freshman. Generally they come in in the fall this guy is here in spring because he graduated early. He's looking like a real specimen out there. He's running with the tight ends, could clearly play wide receiver because he can do so much with the ball in space. He's definitely a guy to keep an eye on.
All the three guys I'm going to mention, they are so young you can't be guaranteed they are going to see the field.
Another one would be Tyson Coleman from Lake Oswego. He's a Sam linebacker for the Ducks. I hadn't seen much of him up there in Lake Oswego. Now I've seen him for eight practices. I think he's going to be a real contributor if not this year which I kind of doubt as a true freshman, Tyson Coleman will definitely be a Sam linebacker to keep an eye on.
Last guy, Jared Ebert, JC transfer defensive tackle. Position of need. The Ducks need to find out what bodies are going to produce for them after graduating three starters off of last year's defensive line. Jared Ebert is a defensive tackle that has the exact body that Azzinaro can work with. He looks like Brandon Bair as a matter of fact in terms of stature who is definitely a guy they need to replace.
Those are the three newcomers. I think that you look at them and how they are playing this spring, you can see the upgrade in the talent level that they are bringing in nowadays. These three young guys that are there now look the part.
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