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By the Numbers: Ducks 31 - Devils 29

Stat #1: 4 Turnovers (Offensive/Special Teams) resulting in 17 points

Ducks tried to shoot themselves in the foot, but the defense managed to mitigate a good portion of the damage. It isn’t often that you can turn the ball over four times and come away with a win. Fortunately, the Duck defense managed a most timely takeaway, giving the offense the chance to salt it away at the end.

Stat #2: Harry “held” to 105 yards receiving

Even though the defense ended up giving up over 100 yards to Harry, those yards came on 15 targets for only seven receptions. More importantly, Harry never saw the end zone. Thomas Graham had one of his best nights as a defensive back, with six pass break-ups, and Deommodore Lenoir added 3 break-ups on the evening. Harry is a very special talent and the Ducks should be proud of their secondary effort for most of the game.

Thomas Graham kept N'Keal Harry in relative check (Tom Corno)

Stat #3: Welcome to the party, Jaylon Redd (5 catches for 69 yards)

Redd had a bit of a coming out party tonight against ASU that would have been amazing if not for a huge drop. Redd had nothing but turf between himself and the end zone, but dropped the 85 yard bomb that came right to him. Take away that one play, Redd finally put together the look of a #2 receiver for the Oregon offense. Redd found the end zone right before half time on a sweep, going 8 yards for his only TD.

Stat #4: Tale of two halves for the offense (28 points, 364 yards vs. 3 points, 85 yards)

As amazing as the start was this week, the complete fizzle in the second half lead to flashbacks of Stanford for many Duck fans. The Duck offense had many chances to put the game away and came up empty time after time. The second half showed what the Ducks were capable of, racking up 222 yards and 21 points. The second half showed what the Ducks have looked like on the road as of late. Can the Ducks put a full game together this season, on the road? We’ll see in six days in Corvallis.

Stat #5: 6 penalties for 55 yards

This season has been marked by huge improvements in discipline, and watching the penalties greatly decrease each game has been a clear indicator. Tonight the Ducks had 55 yards in penalties, but one of those penalties was a head scratcher (Hollins) and a pass interference on Graham was just getting there a hair too early. Gone are the stupid penalties that hurt the Ducks a great deal last year.