Carrington reacts to Kelly departure

Darren Carrington had heard the rumors. But he thought they had been debunked. When news of Chip Kelly's departure hit the airwaves he was in shock.
Disappointed, yes. Angry? Not necessarily.
"It was just out of the blue," Carrington told Duck Sports Authority. "It's a business. I figured that out in high school so I understand. It's just kind of saddening when you go for such a great coach."
The 6-foot-2, 187-pound receiver from San Diego (Calif.) Horizon is still on board with the Ducks, however.
"My receivers coach is still going to be there and I think I still love Oregon," he said. "So that's my school right now. I'm still going to stay committed but I'm also still going to listen and I'd still like to take my visits."
This weekend Carrington will be officially visiting Arizona.
The four-star prospect said he also might consider trips to Washington, Arizona State, Ohio State, Michigan and Oregon State.
Carrington said some of those schools had reached out to him or his coach, but no formal plans had been made with those schools.
"I'm kind of getting to that as we speak," he said late Wednesday evening.
Carrington added that he will be able to comment more when information about the future of the Ducks' program becomes available.
As for now he's in somewhat of a state of limbo as he waits to see what happens with the coaching situation.