Coaches Corner: Sailer talks Wogan

College coaches around the country know the name Chris Sailer very well. Certainly Oregon tight end and special teams coach Tom Osborne does with two Sailer products on the Duck roster and another committed to the Class of 2013.
Considered by many as the premier kicking instructor in the country, Sailer has for more than a decade trained thousands of athletes at kicking and punting, many of whom have found their way onto college rosters.
For the Ducks in the Class of 2009 came Jackson Rice who had rated as the No. 2 punter in the nation and Sailer named to his national overall Top 12 list. In 2011 as a junior, Rice was one of three finalists for the Ray Guy award honoring the nation's top punter despite limited attempts.
Last year in the Class of 2012 the Ducks signed another Sailer protégé, Dylan Ausherman, who is primarily considered a punter but can also kick. Ausherman was added to the fall roster for the Ducks last week.
Now this year committed to the Class of 2013 comes Indian Trail, North Carolina standout Matt Wogan.
Duck Sports Authority caught up with Chris Sailer to get his thoughts on his most recent player committed to the University of Oregon.
"I've worked with Matt since his sophomore year in high school," began Sailer. "When he first came to us it was obvious from the get-go that he was a special talent. He's physically imposing; big kid, great athlete. His leg strength was undeniable. He was a bit raw but you could tell he had the mental make-up where he was going to put in the time to get the technique down to match his potential.
"At first he was really more of a kickoff guy. His field goals were just average. Over time as we saw him he got better, his technique improved, his focus was there. He developed into one of the top five, if not the kicking prospect in America."
For coaches looking for deep kickoffs, Wogan is the player for the job.
"He's got a huge leg, probably the biggest kickoffs in the United States," evaluated Sailer. "Field goals are now tremendous off the ground. His hit balls could be in the NFL right now."
At a stout 6-foot-2, 195-pounds, Wogan passes the eyeball test like any D-1 football recruit should.
"Matt is the kind of kid with the game and the mental makeup that I see him as an All-conference, even an All-America type of player and for sure he will be an NFL prospect because of his physical makeup," predicted Sailer. "The kid is very strong and he's very athletic."
As is the pattern for the Ducks in recent years, proficiency on the field is not enough, as they are able to attract complete packages such as Wogan.
"Matt Wogan is coming all the way from North Carolina," Sailer pointed out. "We're talking coast-to-coast here. The Ducks have done a tremendous job and when players go on a trip now, they see the type of player Oregon has recruited, and those types of guys want to go there. It's kind of like hanging with guys who are just like them. I think they have done a tremendous job in that respect.
"Oregon got themselves a guy who is great physically, mentally, great character, technique has come a long way. He is one of the top ten I have had in the last ten years."