DSA talks Fall on 750 The Game

Fall camp is rapidly approaching for the Oregon Duck football team, so the time was ripe for 750 The Game's Chad Doing to catch up with Duck Sports Authority's A.J. Jacobson to talk about the Oregon depth chart.
Chad Doing - 750 The Game: It's amazing but the season is right around the corner, we have Media Day coming up on July 26th and then the opener coming up on September 3rd so football is about to start, A.J..
A.J. Jacobson - Duck Sports Authority: It's about time for some football to start with all the other distractions for Duck fans in the off-season. I think it's nice to start to focus on some x's and o's around here in Eugene.

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The Game: I would agree with that. The best thing for them right now is probably to get some game action and just some normalcy to their life. I wanted to talk to you today about what to expect.
A number of guys are out. When you look at quality starting players, the Ducks lost some good senior-laden talent, some guys who are out. But they have some other guys that are stepping in. Let's start with the offense here, I wanted your thoughts.
We do know this much on offense. Jeff Maehl, C.E. Kaiser, Jordan Holmes, Bo Thran and D.J. Davis are out and they have new guys stepping in. We know they are set at quarterback with Darron Thomas and running back with LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner, and a number of other youngsters that are coming in, but what about the wide receiver position?
In my mind if I had to select one player that would be difficult to replace on the roster from last year is Jeff Maehl because he was Johnny-on-the-spot all year, especially on third downs and he made things easy for a young quarterback in Darron Thomas.
DSA: Absolutely. And not only was he Johnny-on-the-spot in terms of catching the football but you watch film of him when he was off the play, his blocking was excellent, his deceptive route to keep his man away from the play, he did a great job of those things which don't get a lot of mention.
But absolutely right, wide receiver, on offense when you talk about replacing guys from last year's team, we're talking about wide receiver and offensive line for the most part. Wide receiver Josh Huff is a known commodity. He's a sophomore but he's a proven sophomore.
The other proven commodity the Ducks are going to see is Lavasier Tuinei, very tall guy with a lot of reach and a lot of experience. He'll be the senior on that unit. Then the other guy that I think people are going to hear a bit about that hasn't been the most heralded of guys will be Justin Hoffman. He looks great in practice. He's the guy that is just steady Eddie in practice and is always catching the football, always is running his routes right. So I think that's going to translate to field.
The wild card in this wide receiver situation is the recruiting situation. The Ducks brought in four fine national-caliber receivers for this fall camp, and I think it will be interesting how that new four mesh with the existing talent.
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