Duck players discuss Chip Kelly

The question on the minds of many sports fans is what is going to happen with Oregon head coach Chip Kelly. Not just Duck fans and people who watch the Pac-12. Now gridiron followers from Ohio to New York and Pennsylvania are involved.
Nobody is sure of the outcome at this point, not even Kelly himself as negotiations and discussions between himself and the Cleveland Browns extended all day Friday, then it was onto the Philadelphia Eagles all day Saturday.
To get some perspective from some of the most interested stakeholders in this drama Duck Sports Authority spoke with some current Oregon players to get their reaction to the goings on.
Terrance Mitchell Sophomore CB, Sacramento, California
"Coach Kelly took over when I got here. It has been quite a blessing to be with someone like that. He's just a special person. He is a really good coach. He came here with a great philosophy.
"So if he leaves we have got to keep it going. Not only for him but for the team itself and what he has done for this program. But if he stays then we will keep it rolling. I just wish him the best. I thank him for everything he has done if he is out of here. I love Coach Kelly. Let him decide what he wants to do. He's a smart person.
"We will keep it going without him if that is what we have to do. Coach Kelly, he's on his own on this decision. He knows what he wants to do and if he doesn't know he is deciding. Whatever he does I support him fully."
Dion Jordan Senior DE, Chandler, Arizona
"Personally I feel like this program right here is going to continue to be successful. We have great players here. He has done a tremendous job of bringing in wonderful recruiting classes. He surrounded the players by a great supporting staff as far as coaches. Everyone knows it. I feel like here at the University we will continue to be successful, the guys that will still be will be competing no matter what."
Derrick Malone Sophomore LB, Colton, California
"I just found out about it a few hours ago so I haven't really thought about it that much. What I do know is this is a strong team and that we're a team. He has taught us a lot. If he did leave he left a lot of great qualities in us that we have on this team right now."
Jackson Rice Senior P, Moraga, California
"We're all confused. We don't know what's going to happen just as much as anybody else. He is such a phenomenal coach and it has been a blessing that he has been my coach my four years here. Whatever he chooses to do he is going to keep having success. That guy is a mastermind and he knows football."
Stay tuned to Duck Sports Authority as we keep our fingers on the pulse of the Oregon coaching situation with the possible departure of Chip Kelly and the coaching search that would ensue.