Helfrich evaluates first spring practice

Duck Sports Authority caught up with Oregon offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich following the first day of spring practice to get some of his thoughts.
On the young receivers…
"Spring is a time of renewal so to speak, and those guys had tremendous effort today."
Were they perfect…?
"We've got a lot of chickens that are still trying to find their heads. It is always fun."
Sounds like Lowe may have looked good in the first session…
"The Keanon Lowes of the world, a guy who was a little banged up last year, a little up and a little down last year, did some good things. All those young guys competed. They are going to make mistakes, we know that."
A little tempo talk…
"We're going to push them so fast, so hard for a long time to try to weed out the guys who are going to end up playing on Saturdays."
Click this link for the portion of the video interview covering the wide receiver group and spring goals and expectations.