Oregon post practice quotes: Tuesday

Oregon Post-Practice Quotes
Pinnacle High School - Monday, January 4, 2011
Head Coach Chip Kelly
On Oregon's offensive pace: "It always is a work in progress. Obviously, I think playing fast is a fundamental and, if you don't practice it every day and you don't continue to pay attention to it every day, you can kind of lose that edge. And, we really spend a lot of time in practice of trying to emphasize that. That's not all we do; that's just one facet of what we do."
On finding similarities between Auburn and any Pac-10 opponent: "Not to say that there is or isn't, we never look at it that way. When we break down film -- and we broke down all 13 of their games -- we look at everything situationally. They're not, 'They're like this team or they're like that team.' What do they do in red zone? What do they do in third-down situations? What are they doing coming out? How do they play in these situations, whether it's offensively, defensively or special teams. But we've never compared any teams we've played to another team."
On setting numerical goals on offense: "We have one numerical goal that we talk about all the time and that's winning."
On quarterback Darron Thomas: "Darron's been outstanding. He's gotten better and better as the season's progressed. For him to be a first-year starter and accomplish what he's accomplished so far is really a credit to him. He works extremely hard in the film room studying the game of football, putting himself in position to make plays and actually putting this team in position to make plays. I can't say enough things about how he's performed as a first-year starter. He's been tremendous for us."
WR Jeff Maehl
On overall preparation: It's gone good. We keep stuff very similar to what we've been doing in Eugene leading up to it; (We've) had a good two first practices these last couple days. Overall, we're confident in the way we practice and prepare that's what's led to all our success this year."
On being ready for the game: "Everyone's ready to get out there and play, especially watching all these other games on TV. We're ready to get out there. We've practicing for almost 30 days. So, we're ready to get out there."