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Polynesian Bowl: Practice report day two

Day two of the practice saw an uptick in the levels of intensity on both sides of the ball with the play getting more physical and mental intensity increasing. Along the way, the players were exposed to a lot more information processing and some incredible coaching resources.

On the field, the drills were more physical as the players start getting into more competitive moments and there were some good things from both sides of the field.

Mike Bellotti gave a very memorable quote when talking to players at the conclusion telling his Team Mauka that ‘mental reps are just important as physical reps. When you aren’t focused, for even one play, you just lost a mental rep.”

He was addressing the reality that often times in these types of all-star games, some players are not as focused on competing every play and being focused. He conceded, though, that today’s practice was better than the prior day.

For team Makai, Jim Zorn had his Team Mauka has tremendous athleticism across the board. For the second consecutive day, they won the team competition at the end of the practice; this time a team obstacle course relay with Team Mauka winning by a full 20 yards.

The competition was started by former Washington State quarterback and cultural legend Jack ‘The Throwin’ Samoan’ Thompson. All-in-all, the practice began to show the significant increase in the talent levels of the invited players from its inception just two years ago. This was the most frequent comment of organizers and coaches alike as they marveled at just how much talent is on the field.

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Polynesian Bowl Day Two