QA: Dwayne Stanford

The Army All-American Bowl game week was a collection of some of America's most decorated soldiers and most sought-after recruits in the country. Duck Sports Authority was on hand in San Antonio to cover the game as well as the three prospects committed to Oregon.
6-foot-5 Cincinnati (Taft) Ohio receiver Dwayne Stanford took time prior to the game for a sit-down discussion.
Duck Sports Authority: How is your body holding up right now Dwayne?
Dwayne Stanford: I'm doing great. My body is holding up. I was kind of sore Wednesday because our first practice full-go was Tuesday. I hadn't practiced with pads or played with pads in so long my body was kind sore but right now I'm good. I'm feeling great, ready for today's practice and ready for the game tomorrow.
DSA: Well today is just a walk-through so you don't have to get hit too much.
Stanford: I will just really get into the plays and really get into the nitty-gritty of going over everything then tomorrow is the game.
DSA: How do you like playing here with all these really, really top guys, guys who are at your own level? It is interesting that everyone is so good that is here.
Stanford: It's great because I'm learning about myself and learning about the position of wide receiver. I'm learning how to set-up routes and what I can do against certain DB's and certain things I can't do. They're giving me feedback as well at what I should do off the press. When I'm in a route when they know I'm going to do such a route. It's been great getting the feedback from them as well as my coach.
DSA: One of the nice things about playing against people that good is that it helps you identify your weaknesses because your strengths are always going to be your strengths but your weaknesses show against the really good players. What do you think you need to work on to bring your game up to the next level because you said you're going to be playing at Oregon next year?
Stanford: Really getting on the DB's toes. So when they're playing off really getting up on their toes when they're in the back-pedal getting up on their making them decide whether to turn their hips or not that's something I have got to work on.
DSA: What is your overall impression of this Army Bowl because it's the Bowl of the Bowl amongst All-American games? So what is your impression of this so far?
Stanford: It's been great. I am really happy that I decided to come to this one and not the Under Armour one because it means so much with the Army. I sat down with my Army soldier Derek Clark and we had a great conversation, Wednesday night as well as last night. He talked with my family and with my coaches. It really meant a lot to be able to connect with him throughout the week.
Click this link to see the balance of the interview in video including his thoughts on the Rose Bowl, Lavasier Tuinei's performance and more details on whether his commitment to Oregon is firm.