QA: Oregon DC Nick Aliotti

The Oregon Ducks are preparing for the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl. Defensive Coordinator Nick Aliotti took the time to answer Duck Sports Authority's questions about the upcoming game.
Duck Sports Authority: Here with are with Coach Aliotti before the second Rose Bowl in three years. What have you learned, what has your team learned, from those last two BCS Bowl games?
Nick Aliotti: Hopefully they have learned, and I think they have, that winning that game is more fun than not winning those games. We played two good football games against two good football teams and probably had a chance to win both of those. We fell short. I hope, and I think the one thing I've noticed in the five days that we've had practices, way out before the game is being played, that I see a focus and an energy that is like 'All right guys, now is the time to do this.'
Now that's always gratifying as a coach to see your guys taking the thing seriously, even when there are a million practices before the game. Sometimes those can be a little redundant for them, but I guess what I'm trying to say is, they know how to play on those big stages, they have played on those big stages, so it shouldn't affect us being on a big stage. I think the energy and how we prepare, how we focus and live our life on and off the field, will be very key.
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