Redshirt Review: Meet Stetzon Bair

Duck Sports Authority caught up with redshirt sophomore Stetzon Bair as the Ducks finalized preparations for the Washington Huskies.
The 6-foot-9, 270-pound sophomore transfer from Iowa Western CC took the time to answer some questions after practice.
How do you like redshirting?
"I am happy to have the chance to redshirt. It gives me the opportunity to get bigger and faster, and know the program a lot better. I know the plays and the way Coach Azz really coaches."
Who have your mentors been here this last year?
"I would have to say Dion (Jordan) and Taylor Hart. My brother, when he played here, kind of took Taylor Hart under his wing and I think Taylor is kind of doing the same thing with me, teaching me the plays and the way I'm supposed to attack. So probably those two the most."
How have you liked your Oregon experience so far?
"Coach Azz applies everything not only to football, but everything he applies to football he applies to life. That's one of the things I like about Coach Azz is that he teaches to us, he is applying to us in our everyday life. It is really neat, I really like it."
Marital status update?
"When I was talking to you last I was engaged. I am now married, I got married in June. We're both here. My wife plays volleyball here for the University of Oregon. It's a blast. We're loving life."
How do you like being on the team and being married?
"I think I get to take more out of the experience because I'm not into the nightlife. I don't have to worry about going out to the parties or whatever trying to meet somebody. I found somebody that I'm going to be with forever. To me, to be able to go home to her every single night and have her there and know that she loves me, it's amazing. It's great to have that support. She is my No. 1 fan and having her there for me gives me that sense of having something to play for."
Click the link for the full video interview including Bair's assessment of the upcoming game against Washington.