Rodney Gallon to visit Oregon

The Oregon Ducks have a need for linebackers for the future. One of the top linebackers in the country is the swift 6-foot-0, 210-pound Rodney Gallon from the other corner of the country - Tallahassee, Florida. As a junior, Gallon showed his athletic prowess on the gridiron by piling up 116 tackles with 14 tackles of them being for a loss, four fumble recoveries, and three sacks. He earned first-team all-area honors at linebacker after helping his team to a 12-1-1 record. In exactly one half of the season (6-1), comparing last year to this year: He has “so far 85 tackles for the season, about 50 solos, no interceptions yet, but it is coming, caused one fumble, and two sacks.”
If we could project that out, he might end up with an astounding 170 tackles, with 100 being solos and four sacks.
It is no wonder that his head coach (Dave Wilson) at Lincoln High School has been quoted as saying:
"He’s a kid that you look at and say, ‘Wow.’ He’s a real good looking kid. He can run, and when he gets to the ball, he punishes you. He’s got real good instincts and a nose for the ball. He’s a sideline-to-sideline kid. He also reads well and is good in coverage. He does a good job blitzing. Best of all, he’s got a motor that doesn’t stop."
It is also no wonder that Oregon has offered him, along with “like 30” others, including teams like Florida, Florida State, Nebraska, Tennessee, Alabama, and LSU.
“I’m considering them (Oregon) right now, as well as other schools” he said. “I haven’t made that (visit Oregon) decision yet. I have so many schools that are after me now.”
What coaches have stood out in conversations?
“It is hard to say. They really try to get to know you and you know them. A lot of coaches I enjoy talking with and talking to. A lot I have met.”
He has talked to head coach Mike Bellotti of Oregon and he had the following to say about him:
"He is a great man. He is easy to talk to. I asked him about his past history. They are a family oriented team. Great man to talk to."
He will be busy this coming weekend making an “unofficial“ trip to Tuscaloosa to watch the Alabama-Tennessee game. “I have been to the state but not to the school (Bama).”
He has two official visits set in his mind for sure so far.
“I know I’m going to official to Florida State. Nebraska, I planning on going there.”
He has no problem in a school that is away from the Southeast.
“It doesn’t matter where I visit at. What is the best opportunity for a good education and early playing time.”
Early playing time is quite important in his plans, so what schools give him the best chance at that objective?
“Nebraska and Florida State have a need for a real linebacker…Oregon, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama and I know Duke. I wouldn’t mind playing early.”
Another consideration will be what school will give him the best shot at the next level beyond college.
“I want to go to the next level…possibly the NFL.”
With approximately 30 scholarship offers and a No. 8 ranking for outside linebackers by shows that he will definitely get beyond the high school level.
Duck Sports Authority will be checking back with this blue-chip linebacker.
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