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Two Duck OL to leave team

Duck Sports Authority has learned that two offensive linemen for the University of Oregon will be leaving the team, in both cases the result of ongoing medical issues. Sophomore member of the class of 2009 Jamaal Burrell from Compton, California is one of the players.
"Jamaal, the doctors and trainers felt like he, because of that heart condition, it was in his best interest to not play any longer so he is going to be medicaled," confirmed Oregon offensive line coach Steve Greatwood.
Remaining in the class of 2009 are three sophomore offensive linemen, Trevor Fox, Karrington Armstrong and Everett Benyard.
The other athlete leaving the team is freshman member of the class of 2010 Nick Rowland from Peoria, Arizona, according to the 26-year veteran coach.
"Nick broke his femur when he was twelve so one of his legs is more than an inch-and-a-half shorter than the other. The doctors just basically told him 'if you want to walk when you're 40 years old then playing football anymore is crazy.'"
Hroniss Grasu is the remaining freshman member of the class of 2010. Returning to join those four in spring drills will be seniors Darrion Weems, Mark Asper and Ramsen Golpashin, and juniors Carson York, Nick Cody and Ryan Clanton.
In the fall, five more offensive linemen will swell the Duck ranks as the nation's #9-ranked class of 2011 reports for duty.